• Green Bean Reading

    On May 15th, 2016, I was asked to collaborate on a Facial Hair Fiesta with a Portland bookstore, Green Bean Books. Nestled in the Alberta Arts District, this adorable venue was perfect for a rainy Sunday morning coffee and a few wacky rhymes. I want to thank everyone who attended the event and thank you Jennifer for hosting. You can now find The Mustache that Cured World Hunger and The Beard that Boosted Self Confidence in Green Bean Books.

    Also, big ups to my good friend Alex Crawford for producing and directing this video, and filming the entire reading. Another thanks to Kevin Stivers, who filmed and provided graphics, and the legendary Milk Flud for providing more juicy beats.

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  • TEDxOregonStateU

    On February 11th, 2016, Kyle delivered a powerful presentation on the importance of adult imagination to a sold out crowd of 1,200 people at Oregon State University. He explained Continue Reading

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  • TED Talk the Talk

    I want to start by thanking everyone, and I know how cliche that is. But anyone who has accomplished something that they think is important, or substantial in any way, will understand that only fools don’t give thanks when it’s due. To all the people who listened to me complain, or held me when I was afraid, or told me it would “be okay” when I thought it couldn’t possibly be so, I’ll never forget you.


    It’s not fair to call out any one person who did more or less than any one other person, because every piece of feedback, encouraging text message, or thoughtful phone call all mean an incredible amount to me on a nearly undescribable level.


    Thank you all for believing in me.

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  • TED Talk Coming

    TEDx-logoI’m proud to say that I’ve been invited to give a TEDx talk at my alma mater, Oregon State University, February 11th, 2016 in Corvallis, Oregon. If you’re not able to attend the live event, there will be a live feed at a link that I will post here when it’s released.

    For those of you wondering, the topic at hand is: The Essence of Adult Imagination.

    Thank you all for the continued support. I’m excited to show you guys what we’ve been working on!

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  • Customer Service Isn’t The Problem, Customer Attitude Is

    People often review and recommend places to eat, drink, or give your business to based largely on customer service experience. Though many other aspects come into play, this is the most consistent metric of worth when it comes to references and endorsements.


    “The food was way tasty, but the waitress was kind of a bitch.”


    “The drinks were super dank, and actually pretty affordable, but the waiter was an egotistical asshole.”


    “Comcast representatives are the absolute lowest of scum on the face of God’s green Earth.”


    Over and over again we make authorizations of worth based on how the person representing the brand treat us. While this most certainly makes sense, and said brand representative should do the utmost to make your experience memorable, have you ever stopped to consider how you behave as a customer?

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  • The Head and the Heart: A Fight With No Winner

    Even though they share the same living quarters, the head and the heart don’t always agree. Disagreements between the two, even only ones that seem tiny, can leave you in a paralysis of extreme indecision, worry, and massive amounts of discomfort. It’s like riding in the car with two friends who always have to be right, or being the chew toy between two extremely large, equally strong dogs playing tug-of-war.


    One thing’s for sure: it’s a terrible feeling.

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  • The Beard that Boosted Self Confidence is Out Now!


    TBTBSC, Website Photo

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  • Stop Telling Yourself “I Suck”

    Trust me, I know how you feel. You spend hours, days, weeks, perhaps even years procuring your masterpiece only to be mentally overwhelmed by foolish ideas of perfection. You convince yourself that what you’ve just created isn’t worth anyone’s time or attention, including your own. You belittle your artistry, paralyzed by the fear of negative sentiment or harsh critique by peers, friends, or family members. And, like a castaway toy from your youth, something that was once your creative lifeblood now lies lifeless in a desk, drawer, or closet space.

    You’re not being fair to the game of creation. You’re not being fair to the craft. Most importantly, you’re not being fair to yourself.

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  • Why Underdogs Dethrone Champions

    People love the underdog. They willingly provide their support, love, and encouragement to those who not only fight an actual opponent, but those who fight the odds as well. When then do so many of us would prefer to play the juggernaut in the equation if given the option. We’d rather be the Tom Brady’s, the Carlos Santana’s, or the Steve Martin’s in any given situation, where victory is certain and failure is unlikely However, the underestimation of the underdog, and his or her ability, drive, and determination is a dangerous game. Why?

    Because the underdog often has the best chance of coming out on top.

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  • A Book Called “Failure”

    I’m sure many of you are aware that I released my first children’s book earlier this week. In partnership with the Oregon Food Bank, The Mustache that Cured World Hunger, will provide 3 meals for hungry people throughout the state of Oregon with each book sold. I was touched, pleased, and humbled with how my friends, family, and the Portland community received this project initially and how hard they continue to promote it. Though it’s Derek and my name on the cover, please understand that this would not be possible without all of you.

    In the wake of celebratory smiles, congratulations from friends, and teary eyed hugs, I realized something.  The perceived success of publishing this book blossomed from pain and failure. It sprouted from my darkest moments of questioning, uncertainty, and nearly giving up time and time again.

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